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3/17/2009 · I mean the book series has never had an epilogue could it be the end? But I sorta had a cliff hanger but I am not to sure....
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Define epilogue. epilogue synonyms, epilogue pronunciation, epilogue translation, English dictionary definition of epilogue. also ep·i·log n. ... epilogue - a short passage added at the end of a literary work; "the epilogue told what eventually happened to the main characters" epilog. piece of writing, ... the closing section of a book ...
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Books can begin with Prologues which is a little section or paragraph at the beginning of a book. Some books also contain an Epilogue which is an added section or paragraph to the end of a book ...
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“Epi” is a prefix from Greek that, here, means “After”. “Logue” comes from “logus”, for speech or discourse. Put together, they mean “afterword”. Sometimes, a story or book reaches its conclusion, as related to the plot, but there are still some t...
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In Dream, the epilogue is delivered by Puck, starting with the words, "If we shadows have offended . . ." An epilogue is a speech given at the end of the play where the audience is directly addressed.
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Definition of epilogue in the dictionary. Meaning of epilogue. What does epilogue mean? Information and translations of epilogue in the most comprehensive …
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8/29/2013 · Epilogue definition, a concluding part added to a literary work, as a novel. See more.
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Before we get to tips on how a contemporary novel should utilize an epilogue, let’s quickly discuss the difference between the epilogue and the afterword — both elements that can appear at the end of a book’s body matter.. An epilogue ties up loose ends that require resolving and which could not be tidied up within the actual story itself.; An afterword addresses how the book came to be ...
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1/30/2019 · Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue/Ending EXPLAINED! What does it mean? Where will we go in the future of the Kingdom Hearts series? What will Kingdom Hearts 4 be about. Who are those people in the ...
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epilogue definition: 1. a speech or piece of text that is added to the end of a play or book, often giving a short statement about what happens to the characters after the play or book finishes 2. a speech or piece of text added to the end of a play or book, often giving a short statement about what…. Learn more.
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11/18/2013 · I have been writing a seven book series called “The Amity Blade” and for me not once in any of the books have I wrote an epilogue. (Though I expect to write a small one at the end of the follow up series (which in a way is like one long drawn out epilogue in the form of a trilogy).
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1/20/2016 · "The End" - in French - at one time (before the invetion of sound), movies were not made primarily in Hollywood for the American audience; France had a very large movie industry until World War 1, and the convention of using "Fin" at the end of a ...
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Epilogue definition is - a concluding section that rounds out the design of a literary work. Did You Know? ... From its Greek roots, epilogue means basically "words attached (at the end)". An epilogue often somehow wraps up a story's action, as in the one for a famous Shakespeare play that ends, "For never was a story of more woe / Than this of ...
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2/7/2012 · You may create an epilogue that acts as a kind of preview of what will be to come in the sequel for the book. Or you may end the epilogue on a cliffhanger that leaves the reader wanting more, preferably in the form of a sequel text. For example, you may end the epilogue by having two characters get together and have a child.
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epilogue: 1 n a short speech (often in verse) addressed directly to the audience by an actor at the end of a play Synonyms: epilog Type of: close , closing , conclusion , end , ending the last section of a communication n a short passage added at the end of a literary work “the epilogue told what eventually happened to the main characters” ...
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4/19/2018 · Hinting at the events that are already underfoot in an epilogue is a useful way to keep readers intrigued and on the lookout for your next installment. If, at the end of your book, for example, your no-nonsense detective catches a serial killer, your epilogue could show a new copycat killer, perhaps, engaged in suspicious activity. For example: